Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#02: Lovely Miniature Cakes

Aren't they just beautiful? hehe...

Normally these miniature cakes are ordered by our customers as their hantaran.

*product code: HMC1

** in this picture-9pcs miniature cakes

~psst: we have so many pictures in our collection, but we dont really have that much time to upload all of them at 1 time. we'll try to upload as many pictures as we can from time to time. feel free to drop by to our shop to see more pictures and models.


  1. harga wedding kek yg 3 tier colour hitam too how much??

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    boleh kasi email?kite discuss harga through email ye....

    Thanks =)

  3. k.yom...
    saya nak tahu harga-harga kek yang akak tunjukkan gambar tu...cantik-cantiknya...email saya... balqis_zafirah@yahoo.com

    terima kasih..

  4. hai yomie..

    berapa harga bagi kek n cup kek di web ni?? kedai kat belah mane di kajang tu??

  5. berapa harga kek nie yek. Kawan i Rekha suggest u for my wedding cake..... email i gomathy_balasubramanian@yahoo.com