Friday, March 5, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

#05: Hantaran Cakes (Fondant)

* Product code : HFC1

*Product code: HFC2

*Product code: HFC3

*Product code: HFC4

*Product code: HFC5

**psst~:sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. pictures were taken using handphone.

#04: Wedding Cake

* Product code : WCCF1
**3 tiers choc fudge cakes
***flowers are 100% made of sugar icing

#03: Wedding Cakes

More and more cakes for your cake cutting ceremony =)

* product code : WCC1
**combination of fondant cake and 200 pcs of cupcakes

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#02: Lovely Miniature Cakes

Aren't they just beautiful? hehe...

Normally these miniature cakes are ordered by our customers as their hantaran.

*product code: HMC1

** in this picture-9pcs miniature cakes

~psst: we have so many pictures in our collection, but we dont really have that much time to upload all of them at 1 time. we'll try to upload as many pictures as we can from time to time. feel free to drop by to our shop to see more pictures and models.

#01: Wedding Cakes

good morning...
this is our very first post in our "online" bakery.

let's start with cakes ordered by our customers for their cake cutting ceremony.
enjoy the pics...

if you're interested in any of the designs, do email us for futher details and also for quotation.

you can email for free consultation also ;)

*product code : WCF1

**3 tiers fondant wedding cake

**note: at yomie bake, we customize the cake to suit your wedding theme and also your style.